Environment & Sustainability

Wärtsilä SAM Electronics promotes an environment that is supportive of its workers, the professionalism of its employees, the health and safety of subcontractors, customers and other parties/stakeholders affected by the activities of Wärtsilä SAM Electronics.

As a company we have made it our business to check all internal company procedures and processes with regard to their environmental impact. We are aware of our environmental responsibilities and established company principles to protect the environment. We have incorporated policies that educate our employees, acknowledge merit, and ensure respect for equal opportunities, with provisions safeguarding the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

A separate unit within the company deals with the issue of environmental protection, advises, investigates and identifies possible challenges. Many of the measures in the areas of waste, hazardous materials, water conservation, energy consumption and pollution control we are already implementing.

Wärtsilä SAM Electronics complies with all industrial safety rules and environmental protection regulations creating a safe and healthy work place.