Terms and Conditions for Internet Access via Wireless LAN

Wärtsilä SAM Electronics GmbH
Behringstr. 120
D-22763 Hamburg

- hereinafter called "Wärtsilä SAM" -

1. Granting of free shared use

(1) Wärtsilä SAM operates an Internet access via wireless LAN. Wärtsilä SAM allows visitors (hereinafter called USER) free Internet access via the company’s wireless LAN. The shared use is a free service of Wärtsilä SAM and may be revoked at any time. Wärtsilä SAM is entitled to terminate the website's business either completely or partially at any time, to allow other users and to restrict or exclude the USER’S access completely or partially.

(2) The USER shall have no right to allow third parties to use the wireless LAN.                            

2. Registration procedure and access data

(1) Access data (user name and password) provided by Wärtsilä SAM within the registration procedure are only intended for the USER and may not be passed on to third parties.

(2) Wärtsilä SAM keeps records of the access codes provided to the users.

3. Recording

(1) The use of the Internet is recorded with the following data categories:

  • accessed website
  • time and date
  • source-IP

(2) The data are recorded only for the purpose of data protection, data security and for granting a correct operation of the IT systems. The period of data retention is not more than seven days.

(3) Monitoring according to paragraph 2 takes place as random sampling or incident-related

(4) Data shall only be passed on to third parties to the extent that SAM is legally obliged to do so (e. g. according to the Criminal Code) or to report criminal offences or infringements to the competent authorities as well as to enforce possible claims under civil law towards lawyers and courts.

4. Information on risks during the use of wireless LAN

Wireless LAN only enables Internet access. Using wireless LAN is at the USER’s own risk. Wärtsilä SAM explicitly points out that there is the risk of malware (e. g. viruses, Trojans, worms etc.) entering the terminal device when using wireless LAN.

5. Responsibility and exemption from claims

(1) The USER shall be responsible for any data transferred via wireless LAN including any chargeable services and legal transactions. The USER shall be obliged to comply with the applicable law.

In particular, the USER

  • shall not misuse the Internet connection to disseminate or retrieve immoral, particularly pornographic content of any kind or illegal content;
  • is not permitted to publish, make available or reproduce information protected by copyright (e. g. by file sharing);
  • is committed to consider in particular the valid regulations for the protection of children and young people;
  • shall not send or publish any molesting, defamatory or threatening contents;
  • shall not use wire LAN for sending advertisements (spam) and/or other forms of illegal advertising;
  • shall refrain from any misuse that may result in reputational harm for Wärtsilä SAM.

(2) The USER shall release Wärtsilä SAM from all third-party damages and claims which are based on illegal use of the wireless LAN by the user and/or on a violation of these terms of use; this also applies to costs and expenses which were incurred in relation to the claims and the defence thereof.