NACOS Platinum, the new integrated vessel control system, represents a complete series of next-generation automation and control systems. The series offers unprecedented features in terms of usability and scalability. All automation products are based on the same hardware and software components providing unrivalled flexibility and consistency between systems as well as cost-effective package solutions.

Automation Products

  • Monitoring and control
  • Power management
  • Propulsion control
  • 2-stroke engine governor
  • Engine safety
  • HVAC/fire monitoring and control
  • Cargo monitoring and control

User-centered design and extensive online diagnosis systems make the monitoring and control system MCS Platinum an easy and preferred choice for the ship's crew. With strong supported products in terms of both hardware/spares and support for your vessel, the lifetime costs are reduced to a minimum.

Alarm management across any system is achieved through the networked system architecture of the MCS Platinum.

Power management functions and diesel generator safety requirements are controlled by either stand-alone systems or complete integration to the MCS Platinum.

Both standard systems and complex customized systems are offered, including redundant switchboard configurations, shore connection, load-shredding, heavy consumers and more.

The propulsion control system PCS Platinum offers complete support for the propulsion control requirement of modern ships. Ranging from 2-stroke heavy fuel engines to diesel-electrical propulsion systems with gear, pitch and clutch configurations.