The range of entertainment systems varies from standalone applications up to complete integrated multipurpose systems. These integrated systems normally consist of very different components from different suppliers including different standards. The challenge is to interface all these systems and to be the one who is the responsible supplier for the resulting integrated system.
That is what we will do.

Even finding the best solution to satisfy the requirements of all parties is a challenge. Due to the speed of change and electronic improvements a specialist who knows the market and possibilities, as well as the needs of ship owners could define the best solution.

The following is the majority of systems we supply:

  • Automatic Telephone and Voice over IP (VoIP) systems
  • Wireless DECT telephone of Voice via Wi-Fi system
  • Simple to high-end computer networks
  • Wi Fi and GSM networks
  • Infotainment, including:
    - IP TV
    - Audio/Video on demand
    - Customised user interface
  • VSAT and SAT TV system