Lighting Systems

Lighting is highly sophisticated, ranging from navigational and emergency lighting through specialised lighting. We understand that few aspects of equipment encompass such a wide range of functionality. Lighting requires close attention to not only function, but also to design and detail. Whether you are specifying the fittings for a new ship or want to upgrade the lighting control system, we work with you in carefully selecting vendors to ensure seamless integration.

Engineering and Design

  • Calculation of illumination levels
  • Selection and arrangement of lighting fixtures and sockets in close cooperation with yard and owner
  • Design, programming and delivery of remote controls and dimming systems
  • Design of light scenes

Delivery of Material   

  • Lighting fixtures (according to owners request, i.e. conventional, LED, OLED etc. )
  • Pre-fitted cables
  • Lighting distributions
  • Switches and sockets
  • Dimmer and remote control systems

Installation Work

  • Provisional lighting for building site (if necessary)
  • Installation of lighting fixtures
  • At site coordination
  • Cable installation and connection

Tests and Acceptance

  • Measuring illumination levels
  • Presentation of lighting system
  • Testing remote and dimming controls


  • Merchant vessels
  • Navy vessels
  • Special lighting for yachts and cruise liners
  • Special ships and many more applications