High-Voltage Shore Connection

Increasing pressures on ship operators and port authorities to minimise the impact of air pollution and noise emissions by way of meeting strict environmental regulations are now a worldwide concern.

One particular solution for reducing emissions during port docking is the use of high voltage onshore power supply systems (HVSC) also variously known as cold ironing, alternative marine power, shore supply or shore power. As such, shore power covers provision of shore-side electrical power to a vessel while its main and auxiliary engines are turned off.  As a result this solution will enable the vessel to meet upcoming strict clean air regulations (for example, California, USA) when berthed at terminals, without generating harmful noise and air pollutants caused by active diesel engines.

Since 2004, Wärtsilä SAM Electronics has been engaged in developing a series of modular high voltage shore connection systems (HVSC), called SAMCon. System design is essentially based on meeting port needs while also conforming to ICE/ISO/IEEE 80005-1 requirements. A configuration typically comprises key components such as cable reel, a medium voltage switchboard and a control and monitoring facility inclusive of an interface between ship and shore. A complete assembly can either be installed separately aboard a vessel or containerised for siting at a specific onboard location.