Propulsion and Drives

Wärtsilä SAM Electronics complies with the growing trend in the market for diesel-electric propulsion systems. Frequency converter fed propulsion systems offer advantages for ships with following special requirements:

    • Low noise and vibration
    • Maximum payload capacity and optimal utilization of available space
    • Economical operation
    • Essential higher reliability, dependability and availability
    • Flexible use of the torque speed characteristic
    • Excellent dynamic characteristics
    • High quality mains
    • Reduced emissions
    • Hugh degree of automation
    • Reduced wear and tear

    Since 1966, Wärtsilä SAM Electronics with their Drives and Special Systems division, carrying on the technology and industry traditions of its predecessor AEG Marine branch, has delivered converter fed propulsion drives for over 115 vessels and a total of more than 1167 MW installed power.

    We Provide

    • Tailor made low voltage and high voltage propulsion and drive systems, including power generation and distribution supported by well-proven system partners for the electrical machines and frequency converter drives.
    • System integration
    • System simulation