Remote Service

Remote Service Platinum allows access to your NACOS Platinum system onboard for remote diagnostics and preventive maintenance. Our products are designed to meet the challenges ahead. However, failures or damages do occur. Our worldwide network of service stations and service engineers provide fast response to any of your needs.

With Remote Service Platinum, help is available even faster: The captain calls for help to SAM Electronics Service. As the service engineer best qualified for the problem is ready, the captain turns the physical key switch on the bridge – only now is a connection possible and the engineer can log on to the vessels systems to help with:

  • Remote Diagnostic - If a problem occurs, a remote diagnose helps to have the proper spare part & personnel ready in the next port.
Physical switch for full control
  • Remote Service - Many problems can be solved without even sending an engineer on board.
  • Preventive maintenance – The cheapest problems are prevented problems. Wear parts can be reviewed routinely to prevent downtime.

Our engineers are on standby 24 hours a day 365 days a year to connect to your vessels remotely.

Features and Benefits

  • Financial Benefit
  • We diagnose your Platinum, so you can continue normal operations
  • Investigation with the highest possible expertise
  • Minimizing repair-time on site
  • Avoids physical attendance
  • Easy adjustments
Central privilege management

Focus on Security

Remote Service Platinum comprises one of the most advanced security solutions available in maritime business. Authentication via a smartcard and PIN makes sure only authorized and sufficiently qualified personnel logs in. Strong encryption provides a safe and tamper-proof transmission. The secure datacenter ensures network integrity and security for your vessels and allows for compliance. And it all begins where it should: with your captains. Only if your captain turns a physical key switch, a connection is possible.

Security Features

  • State-Of-The-Art-Firewall
  • Key Switch  
  • 2-Factor Authentification (Smartcard & PIN)
  • Rendezvous-Server
  • Strong Encryption
  • Secure File Transfer with in-line virus-check
  • Session Recording
  • System Heartbeat