Service Contracts

SAM MAINCARE - Fleet Maintenance Contracts for Navigation and Communication Equipment

We provide our product SAM MAINCARE for your whole fleet or parts of them, for equipment of our own production and sales or other manufacturers´ equipment. You hand over to us a list of the installed equipment and the individual date(s) of installation. Based on these information’s and an initial meeting we will offer to you a tailored SAM MAINCARE contract including all or customized service expenses, for own, OEM or third party products.

Your Benefits

  • “Shore-based maintenance” certificate is included
  • Clear annual operating costs for ship managements and owners
  • SAM and third party equipments – new as well as old – are covered
  • Manpower and spare parts for normal break down maintenance are covered
  • Travel costs for main ports of international shipping are covered
  • Several periodic checks may be included
  • Wearing parts may be included
  • Only one point of contact for your staff and crews
  • We have intense knowledge about the various international service networks
  • Other types of equipment (e.g. automation and propulsion) may be included

This fixed budget helps predict and set your operating costs. You will be able to outsource tasks and activities from your personnel even with a growing fleet. Fleet management will become easier this way.

SAM BASECARE - Shore-Based Maintenance Contracts for GMDSS Equipment

The GMDSS communication equipment of your vessels is covered by SAM BASECARE to provide its availability as per regulation IV/15 of the 1988 GMDSS amendments to the 1974 SOLAS.

Authorized and technically capable companies will take care of your GMDSS systems. Flag states demand that companies offering shore-based maintenance can also provide the international services they advertise and contract.

We understand the need for the service provider to have a recognized Quality Assurance registration and we provide our own 24/7/365 support in order to have access to OEMs for spares, etc. We meet, fulfil and surpass these requirements.

SAM BASECARE provides the manpower to organize and direct your service requests, hold available exchange units of your own or OEM production, handle all communication and last but not least supplies the certificate "Declaration of Shore Based Maintenance" needed onboard.