Our spare parts and upgrade kits maximize the performance of your ship throughout the product's lifetime. The range of needed parts for our products is listed in the system‘s technical documentation.

We make every effort to ensure that spare parts and wear & tear parts are available and dispatched to you promptly. Spare parts enquiries and orders are processed within 24 hours and no later than two working days after receipt.

We truly offer competitive rates for transportation to your named destination as we have special agreements with a number of global couriers and forwarders who can handle all dimensions and types of consignments. We provide track-and-trace information for shipments. If you prefer to take advantage of your forwarders we will make all arrangements directly with them.

Our inventory management system includes a central warehouse in Hamburg, Germany, as well as a number of strategically placed stock locations in a number of worldwide regions.

For your flexibility we name parts you should keep on the ship or which parts are better stored in our warehouses and delivered on demand. We have special parts packages under consideration of demand frequency and reordering lead times.