Systems Integration

SAM Electronics is one of the leading system companies for the supply of complete electrical and electronic system packages on vessels. System Integration is a highly sophisticated performance, typically in close partnership with building yards. Starting at the preliminary design stage of projects, our company is responsible for the integration of all kinds of electric and electronic systems to an uniform integrated system solution - under the motto "from bridge to propeller." With competent project management in combination with professional cross-system capabilities for all electric and electronic systems onboard with diverse building specifications will be implemented to the satisfaction of our customers.

We take care of the project management, planning, owner‘s and class approvals, mechanical coordination, installation, design and development, as well as the interface optimization between shipyards and subcontractors.

The range of system integration level varies from a package delivery of products including product related engineering up to complete system integration (the turnkey solution) where we are the electrical department of the shipyard.

Dealing with a single partner helps to minimise costs and ensure optimal functionality of all components within the "system ship." This proven expertise is based on intensive involvement in many different projects for both naval and commercial applications and is second to none - right up to the most complex shipbuildings and retrofits.