At the beginning of the year 2012 – ECDIS is one of the mandatory equipment for IMO ships. In a time schedule up to 2018 all types of IMO-ships require ECDIS equipment and adequate ECDIS education. This means that ship operator must make sure that every master and deck officer has received ship-specific ECDIS training to operate the ECDIS equipment safely.

The Wärtsilä SAM Electronics Training Centre provides the "Type-specific ECDIS training" into three different ways:

  • The Classroom training
    This high quality classroom training provides an ideal training environment for this kind of courses. It can taken place in SAM Training Centre, in customer premise as well as by the use of cooperation partner’s training facilities.
  • The onboard training
    Optional to regular, scheduled training sessions the onboard - training  is a very flexible and best tailored training solution by the use of the ship’s equipment and mobile training sets. These kind of training courses as the “AT THE BERTH” - or as the “DURING TRAVEL” - session is a good combination of well known user environment and ship’s operation. Both types of onboard-sessions will have the same target of 12 hours of ECDIS-type specific training for each participant. Due to several special conditions onboard i.e. cargo operations, officer’s rest times etc. the real training duration must be longer than for classroom training ashore.
  • The computer-based training or e-learning solution via the Internet
    Wärtsilä SAM Electronics Training Centre cooperates with the e-learning supplier SAFEBRIDGE. This independent platform for e-learning provides both ECDIS generations. The CBT (computer-based training) -course content is harmonized with our standard training content. Each program has been approved by Wärtsilä SAM Electronics Training Centre.

Cooperation with training institutes
The Wärtsilä SAM Electronics Training Centre cooperates with a couple of training and simulations centres around the globe. These training organisations are Wärtsilä SAM Electronics Training Centre - approved or the trainer are educated and approved.
Wärtsilä SAM Electronics Training Centre supports the ECDIS Training initiative ETC by MSG Marine Serve GmbH. Independent from Wärtsilä SAM Electronics Training Centre, this organisation supports training centres with software-based training solutions, training programs and trainer support.

Instructor courses
The NACOS USER ECDIS instructor training courses are designed for contractual services between SAM Training Centre and shipping companies, crewing organisation or training institutes. Those instructors will perform ECDIS type specific training on behalf of SAM Electronics GmbH. Training institutes can receive the training accreditation. The future trainers and training institutes must fulfil several pre-conditions to become an ECDIS trainer or ECDIS training institute approved by L-3 SAM Electronics Training Centre.